Extra Virgin Olive Oil

SINCE 1970

My olives, our land. The work and passion of today, the fruit that will be tomorrow. The unique taste we will share, the authenticity we will bring to your table.

This is how Maulivo came about. It is strong, with a history that comes from afar, and it is fresh, with a new label that signifies passion, work, family and love.

It prolongs tradition and opens up the clear, sunny horizon of these hills that are the backdrop of our home. Maulivo stands for a sense of belonging to a territory that is a guarantee and a true indication of quality.

It is a catchy, onomatopoeically pleasant expression that, in the most affectionate sense of the term, refers to dialectal localisms. My olive trees, my olives, our land, the fruit that will be, the taste that we are happy to share with you at your table.

And in that 'Ma' of Maulivo, there is an implicit and beautiful homage to the young Matteo and Maria, two indispensable pieces of the puzzle in the spread and continuity of this tradition.

Even that expression, 'drop by drop', enhances the sense of belonging to the places that, after so much hard, genuine work, produce something so precious that it simply must be tasted, even sipped. The art of a specific flavouring, wherever you may be.

Maulivo stands for origin, passion and tradition.